Being from a Maithili Speaking region, I found most of the books in Maithili were not available in book stores in Mithila. Forget about getting those books in other districts of Bihar and other parts of India. There are more than 6 crores Maithili-speaking people in India and abroad.

Looking at this horrible state of the availability of books, I founded SappyMary in 2014, and soon it became popular due to the collection of thousands of Maithili books, books written by Maithil writers, and books related to Mithila.


I got involved in many activities related to Mithila and brought some of them on the online platform through the online booking option.

Currently, I am working full-time helping entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurship journey. Whether it’s related to the registration of a company, proprietorship, or related to taxes, you can shoot me your queries. I am also running a short-term course to get my BCom and Accounting graduates ready for industry-level work. To join the course, get yourself enrolled. As I limit one batch to 10 candidates only.